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FD Alumni: Andrew Burns

September 17, 2019

  What are you doing now and what is your role? I am Clarity Dashboards Dev Lead in Citi. Clarity is Citi’s next generation Data and Analytics platform for our... Read More

Building On Lessons Learned In Banking…

July 29, 2019

by Michael Gorman Thoughts for the insurance industry 1. INTRODUCTION One day-to-day benefit that my job in regulation brings is hearing about the practical challenges and trends financial services face –... Read More

And they think it’s all over…..

July 4, 2019

by Neil Jones Most of us remember the heady days in 2017 and 2018 when meeting the regulatory deadlines kept us all awake at night. The industry sighed a deep collective... Read More

Observations and Tips on Cloud Migration

June 20, 2019

by Paul O’Hara Mainstream Adoption The case for Cloud adoption has become increasingly compelling as established enterprises see the flexibility of start-ups and companies born in the cloud. The advantages our... Read More

IBOR Reform: A Well-rested Goliath

May 30, 2019

by Michael Gorman, Global Head, Regulatory & Compliance Practice Making preparations for 2019 – 2020 1.  A Sleeping Giant no more IBOR reform is not new. It has been on... Read More

DevOps in Financial Services – Be Like Messi

May 14, 2019

by Andy Colhoun “DevOps” continues to be the buzzword across technology departments in Financial Institutions. It means different things to different people, regularly including automation, change management, deployment, continuous delivery,... Read More