18 Months on… What to expect at FD?

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By: Johnny Lee

By: Johnny Lee


What is a typical day like?

I came to FD shortly after graduating in International Business with Spanish in 2015. I am now 18 months in to the two-year Options graduate programme, and it has definitely been one of the most exhilarating and fast-paced periods of my life in terms of people met, places seen and experience had.

After spending an initial stint at HQ in Newry, diving head-first into FDs Capital Markets Training Programme that marries Financial and IT concepts. I was placed half way round the world in Johannesburg, in a financial application support role. This was a brief 3 month stint, yet completely unique and fascinating. I was not only immersed in a South African investment bank environment, but also from a cultural and heritage aspect, living in such a dynamic and vibrant city.

Thereafter I went straight to the financial epicenter London for another 3 months in another application support role at a tier 1 investment bank. The hectic, fast-paced lifestyle of London was at times hard to keep up with, but FDs ‘work hard, play hard’ culture kept me in check, and the generous expenses and accommodation package ensured that I was never out of pocket.

Finally, I came to Krakow, Poland which is where I am currently placed, and has been my largest stint to date currently at 7 months, in a Regulatory/Compliance role. Krakow is another historically fascinating city that I thoroughly enjoy living in and have settled into the cities laidback and easygoing vibe very comfortably. Given its central location in Europe, I have had the opportunity to travel to a number of neighbouring cities and countries.

For me FD has successfully positioned itself in the interface between being a large and a small company; large, in that it provides opportunities to work for high caliber clients in locations all over the world and small, in that by keeping base in its home town of Newry since company inception over 20 years ago, it retains a family-feel to its culture, where everyone looks out for each other.