Aileen Ward – Options Success

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By: Elizabeth Toner

aileen-wardI am delighted to communicate to you all that Aileen Ward has graduated from the Options Programme. Aileen has successfully completed all the required CMTP modules as well as receiving excellent client and business feedback.

Aileen joined FD in October 2014 after completing an MSci in Applied Maths and Physics in Queen’s University Belfast. After induction and training, she spent three months working on a number of internal kdb+ projects. In April 2015 Aileen joined the Morgan Stanley CoE to work as a member of the Low Frequency team on the Horizon project, where she is still based. This role has been very rewarding, made all the more enjoyable working alongside the talented and enthusiastic CoE folk. She was recently promoted to Deputy Manager of the CoE and is enjoying learning management skills in conjunction with her technical role. Aileen has made many great friends in FD and is looking forward to her future with the company.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating Aileen on her success.