Ellen – My first 3 months at First Derivatives

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By: Ellen Creaney

I began my First Derivatives journey in May 2019, joining the futures program after graduating with a degree in Business Studies from Northumbria University. After my graduation, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. However, I really liked the idea of broadening my knowledge and improving my skillset whilst meeting various clients, an opportunity FD provided me with.

In fact, just two weeks after joining the company, I was quickly deployed onto client site in Dublin working for a top tier investment bank where I am currently today. This project has given me experience in examining highly confidential client information and legal documents. Having now worked at FD for over 3 months, I feel I have significantly improved my skill set and confidence after completing some modules within the Capital Markets Training Programme.

During my short time at FD I have also participated in many of the social events organised by the company. I thoroughly enjoyed these events as they gave me the opportunity to meet with other FD employees working on different teams/departments. If you get the opportunity to attend some of these events I would highly recommend! My favourite social event to date would have to be our surfing trip to Donegal! It was a great day out and everyone had a good time.

FD is an excellent company for graduates providing endless opportunities to either travel or live locally whilst developing your career. There is a sense of pride working locally for a company that is operating on a global scale. Everyone is very friendly and you make friends for life, especially with those in your intake. Whilst the first month of induction is very intense, it provides you with a strong foundation to build your FD career. I still remember being scared and not knowing what to expect on my first day, however, looking back joining FD was the best choice I have ever made.