Francesca – My Technology Sales Story

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By: Francesca McQuaid

My career with FD began in October 2015, learning the ropes from the best in HQ.  After just 12 months, I saw our team grow from 5-30 due to the success of the team in new regions, areas and verticals. From day one, I was entrenched in our training programme which included pitching, lead generation, buying signals, targeting, breakdown of the finance market and a deep dive into our Kx technology. At every turn training and support was offered, and continues to be at the forefront of our team dynamic.  We learned early on to seek out new opportunities, find gaps in the market and that no goal was too big or farfetched. From the outset I found myself very ambitious and motivated to be the one to find the next big win for the company. Initiating our relationship with NASA has been one of my greatest achievements to date.

I began working on non-finance campaigns, which was challenging and exciting as we fast became the SME’s in verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Retail. As time went on I found myself more interested in the Finance industry. I enjoyed soaking up the knowledge from our Capital Markets Training Programme and on the job training with our Senior Sales and Delivery guys.

Within Technology Sales we get direct exposure to Managing Directors in Tier One Banks globally making strategic decisions daily on their technology infrastructure and sourcing. We are at the forefront of every new venture gathering marketing intelligence and developing our messaging. The CEO and Senior Management credit the team for discovering some our biggest clients and partnerships to date. This resonates with the generous and very rewarding remuneration package within Technology Sales.

I was lucky to spend time in Philadelphia building my pipeline in non-finance.  During that time I also had the opportunity to attend conferences in Texas, Boston, London and North Carolina.  A lot of memories were made finding my way through the streets of the City Centre on a Friday night. Philadelphia is a great place, even more so when the Irish accent is recognized which continuously begins conversation and the odd complimentary gin and tonic.  I spent a Tuesday evening in Independence Hall with The Obamas and the Clintons, followed by a concert with Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. I’ve driven through Connecticut in the winter to spend Thanksgiving in Boston, a mad weekend in Vegas to San Diego zoo and numerous trips on a Friday evening to New York for the weekend.  If only I kept the air miles 😉

I arrived back from Philadelphia to Newry in August of 2017 to continue my role within the Business Development team and became a team leader, putting my experience from the field into practice.  My role now includes mentoring explorers across the globe, recruiting, interviews, training and support to management.   My short time with FD has provided me with experience and genuine career progression whilst working on my door step.  I’ve been lucky to not only work in a supportive, young and ambitious team but also to work alongside and have exposure to senior management each day.  I’m excited to see what the next chapter brings!