From Placement in Newry to Calypso Consultant in Boston

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By: Andrew Roulston

Having travelled to work with a major Japanese Investment bank in London during his placement year, Andrew returned as a graduate Financial Engineer on the Options Programme in 2018. Below, Andrew reflects on his career journey so far, leading him to his current role in Boston.


My life with First Derivatives started in June 2016 as a placement student. I immediately started a role with a well-respected Canadian firm which gave me valuable experience on what it was like to interact with a client and what the day-to-day life would be like working for a financial company like First Derivatives. Following on from this role, I joined a new project with a major Japanese Investment Bank based initially in London and then relocated back to Newry. I was very lucky to have been able to spend time working in the financial capital of the world during my placement year and got to meet many people who I am delighted to still call friends to this day.


I returned to FD after graduating from Queen’s University in September 2018. It was great to see so many from my placement intake come back on the Options Graduate Programme and it says a lot about how well you are treated right from the start. After spending a few months training in the infamous Annex in Newry and taking part in some of the social events (most notably the nights in Cobbles or the Summer BBQ at Narrow Water Castle!) I got the opportunity to move to Boston in April 2019 as a Calypso Consultant where I am to this day.




My roles have been quite diverse over the years. My initial role was dealing in collecting/analysing market data from Exchanges from across the globe, categorising key identifiers for our client. I felt it was the perfect role to begin with FD and allowed me to become comfortable with what was expected of me. Moving to London also led to a change in role, where I was working in application support. This was a much tougher task that involved working in Production and ensuring there was smooth transition each day. While it did require some overtime, I worked with a great team and at the same time got to enjoy the sights of London (this helped especially as I am a massive Tottenham fan!).




On my return to First Derivatives, I started training in Calypso and understanding how the system operates. After a few weeks of training I was placed in a role in Boston with one of the largest retail banks in the United States as a Calypso Consultant. It is a very rewarding role which looks at testing functionalities of the Calypso System, in addition to working with Downstream/Upstream Feeds. While I can’t go into much detail of what the role entails, I can say that it has certainly been an eye-opening experience and a broad learning curve which I have very much enjoyed being a part of.


Before joining First Derivatives I never thought for a moment I would be living and/or working in a place like Boston. The opportunities and friends I have made along the way as a result of my time here has been extraordinary and I am grateful to FD for this. For anyone who is looking to grow their career and is interested in travel, I highly recommend joining First Derivatives. I hope I have many more successful years to come!


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