Greetings from the Big Apple!

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By: Sean Carty

When asked to describe First Derivatives in one word I often say “diverse”, and I fully believe this to be true. I started Kx training with FD back in August with a mix of approximately twenty-five other software engineers and data scientists. Without knowing what was to be in-store for me, the initial training period provided a great exposure to different cultures working with colleagues from literally all across the globe. On top of this blending of different ideas, a core foundational knowledge in kx- to be applied on client site- was also obtained. I was a mere three weeks into the initial training period when I received word of my deployment to New York City.

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Excited. Nervous. Ambitious. Just three words that could be used to describe how I felt departing the Emerald Isle. As one would expect in the beginning the initial adjustment to a new city was difficult, but like most things, if it were easy everyone would do it. That being said, one thing that became apparent very quickly is that New York City has an energy and sense of excitement like no other place I’ve been – and I consider myself to be well travelled having visited all of the mainland States throughout my childhood. From exposure to culture, sport, music, ambition, excitement and of course so much food, NYC is the home to so many great opportunities, and it is a great place for someone looking to evolve both personally and professionally. In no time at all, I was introduced to the City that Never Sleeps.

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Home to the Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Knicks and New York City F.C among others, the city offers more than its fair share of sporting events. In addition to its own brilliance, NYC also makes thriving cultural cities such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C and of course Boston easily accessible by bus and rail. Fortunately for me, I have had the privilege of visiting two of the three outlined neighbouring cities, with a trip also planned to the nations’ capital in the New Year.

To summarise, let’s just get one thing straight – the Big Apple is not a place for the faint hearted. However what it does provide is a vast amount of opportunity to develop and broaden your horizons. Regardless of age, interests, or religious beliefs, New York City really is a cultural melting pot. I am grateful to FD for the opportunity that they have bestowed on me and I look forward to future challenges and experiences thrown in my direction from this ever adapting city.