Jordan – My Technology Sales Story

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By: Jordan King

I started my journey in First Derivatives on June 5th 2017 as a Technology Sales Executive, working locally at FD’s headquarters in Newry. The past 18 months has consisted of career highs and endless learning. From travelling to the ends of Ireland to the other end of the world with my trip to Australia, I have done so much in such a short period of time.

From day one in FD to this current day, I am consistently learning on the job. Starting off, I was straight into a four week training schedule. Be that one to one session’s with experienced staff in Newry to training with global directors, no one is too senior for the ‘new guys’. The great thing about FD is the diverse mix of people from all around the world. Graduates and senior staff coming from New York, Singapore, Spain, you name it and all in the small city of Newry. Regardless of whom you are or where you’re from, Newry is the training hub for all new starts which only highlights the core of the corporate culture that is built at HQ. On a weekly basis, I target companies in the Benelux and Dach region alongside senior staff and attend conferences around Ireland.

I have not only learnt a lot from my peers, I have also over the course of the year built my own success within my campaigns which has led to travel, near and far. Within Ireland, I have represented FD in Dublin on numerous occasions. From meetups to Ireland’s largest supply chain and manufacturing conference, I have had many opportunities to face clients and identify gaps in the market for Kx. Travel within Ireland has also brought me to Limerick, a first for me. Staying in hotels with views of the River Shannon is not a bad way to spend your Thursday evening.

Earlier this year, I was handed the opportunity of a life time, being chosen to represent FD in Sydney Australia. Being picked out of a team of 30+ people to head up business development on the other side of the world is something I never expected. From eating lunch daily at the Opera house, chilling with kangaroos, seeing the famous didgeridoo and seeing my sister for the first time in a year, this personally is an experience I will never forget. This gave me the opportunity to learn from our Directors in Sydney across all of FD’s offerings from Industry, Kx Finance and our consultancy services. Coming from this I was able to pitch face to face across all sectors from the Global Head of Analytics at Tesco to the CTO at Westpac. No other company would offer a recent graduate the opportunity to work on such high-level projects after only 10 months.


Socially, FD is a great place to work. From Thirsty Thursday’s to the famous Christmas parties, there is a never a dull night out. FD  also organise events such as sports day and weekly football. Thankfully for Technology Sales, I was able to carry home the gold in 3 out of 5 events in sports day (How lucky are they to have me representing them). Along with this I hold the record for the longest winning streak in football, one that my colleagues are finding tough to beat.

Reflecting on the past 18 months, I have come so far personally and professionally. From being trained to now training new starts, I am constantly improving my skills. Working local or going global, I am looking forward to new challenges FD can bring.