Kx Workshop & Meetup London

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By: Katy Press

Since beginning my career with First Derivatives in August 2016, I have been presented with an array of growth and development opportunities. From social media management, to content creation, to global event management, I have been entrusted with significant responsibilities.

FD runs meetup and workshop events in 92 countries around the globe. As part of the Marketing Team based in the company’s HQ, I am jointly responsible for ensuring the success of these events, from ideation through to execution. My specific domain focus is Europe, whilst other members account for the North America and Asia-Pacific regions respectively. A hallmark of organising these events is that, on occasion, FD sends a member of the Marketing Team to attend, and on November 15th, it was my turn.

Whilst liaising with our SVP of Business Development, Victoria Shanks, I organised both a workshop and meetup in London on the 16th & 17th of November respectively. Upon flying to London to oversee the events, I was exposed to an action-packed few days.

At this stage, you may be wondering what the difference between a workshop and meetup event is. In essence, Kx Workshops are aimed at both a technical and business audience. Developers new to the technology will find the session very useful in gaining a quick guide to many features of the q language. Business managers will gain an understanding of what makes kdb+ different, and will leave with a thorough overview of the power of kdb+ and the range of users to which it can be put.

In comparison, Kx Meetups, which are far more casual and informal, are directed at big data enthusiasts, from all backgrounds, who are interested in exploring more about the power and usage of Kx Technology.

These events took months to organise, as locations, speakers, guests, catering, etc. had to be arranged, so it was a great experience to be present at both. Thankfully, both events were a success, not just on a personal-level, but for the company. The Workshop was sold out weeks before it occurred, and boasted attendees from some of the largest names in the capital markets industry. Similarly, the meetup was an extremely popular event, as attendees enjoyed a fun-fill night of presentations and networking.

Overall, I was extremely happy with how everything went. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges I am presented with during 2017 at FD, and can’t wait to build on the success we experienced in London.