Lisa McCabe – Life as a Futures graduate

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By: Lisa McCabe

I began my FD journey on the 21st of August 2017, almost a year later I can still remember the nervous excitement I felt on the first day as I joined the Futures program.
When joining FD, your first few weeks consist of undertaking the Capital Markets Training Programme which offers a fantastic range of modules that aim to prepare you for your daily work duties.

The month of training is intense but extremely rewarding and it proved to be an excellent knowledge base to build on. There is a camaraderie that is felt amongst the new joiners which is fostered by the HR team. A number of team building activities that ranged from foot golf to the infamous Thursday club all contributed to the feeling of ease and helped build relationships from the beginning.

The Futures programme affords you the luxury of living locally and working globally. My current role is within vendor services on a nearshore project. My role is specifically based in Murex support and some of my daily tasks include troubleshooting issues within the application, providing answers to queries from Traders, IT teams and the testing and deployment of releases to name but a few. As I came from a Business Management degree, the initial training has been invaluable as the role requires use of technical skills and knowhow. The fact that the system is so extensive means that every day is a challenge and an opportunity to learn new things – no two days are the same. I am consistently advancing my financial and technical knowledge.

Although I am based in Newry, I have spent a number of weeks on client site in London liaising with developers about changes they wish to release and providing on-the-ground support. The time spent in London was exciting as I gained insight and exposure from senior members within the Murex team.

The learning curve is undoubtedly steep but there is an amazing opportunity for progression provided within FD. They are keen to accommodate further study and offer responsibility from the outset. I look forward to many more years of continuous learning and personal growth as part of the dynamic FD team…