Life at FD for Lorna

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By: Lorna Fitzpatrick

Describe a typical day:
Each day varied when I was working in a large Russian Investment Bank in London and was filled with dynamic, challenging and exciting tasks. During a typical day I focused and spent a lot of my time on the two projects I was leading. These two projects were the MIFID II Client Communications Project and Clock Synchronisation and Time Stamping Project. Each day I would liaise closely with my manager, highlighting any issues that needed to be discussed and decisions that needed to be made between the two projects. I also communicated daily with an array of different clients solving their problems and dealing with any queries they may have had. I was responsible in designing, developing, implementing and supporting a broad range of mission critical tasks each day.

Describe your experience with FD:
It has been a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with a company that has achieved unprecedented success. I feel that the level of international exposure and the opportunity to work in a Large Russian Investment Bank in London has given me a great insight into what is required to work in a very fast paced, challenging environment. I have been given fantastic exposure to the banking industry and as a result I have progressed and developed my skill-set and interpersonal skills which will hugely benefit me in my career progression within the near future. In addition to this since working with FD I have met so many interesting individuals and have made life long friends. There is a sense of community among all the FD employees. It is a very exciting and rewarding company to work for.

What attracted you to the role?
There were many aspects of the job that attracted me to work as Financial Engineer with First Derivatives. Firstly, I was attracted to the award winning Capital Markets Training. I am quite an inquisitive person who always wants to progress and excel in their career, therefore this training appealed to me a lot. I was also attracted to the opportunity to work directly with the Legal, Regulatory and Compliance divisions of top Tier 1 Investment Banks. Along with this there are many Global Opportunities to work in some of the best cities of the world such as London, Hong Kong, Sydney and New York and this aspect alone attracted me to this role within First Derivatives.

What has been your greatest achievement since joining FD?
My greatest achievement since joining FD so far is the fact that I was given the autonomy and responsibility to lead and successfully close out the MIFID II Client Communication Project in a large Russian Investment Bank in London.

How has your career benefitted since joining First Derivatives?
The work has been challenging but the experience I have gained has been immeasurable. Since joining FD I have gained fantastic exposure to working in a large Tier 1 Russian Investment bank in London. My IT, project and people management skills have been greatly enhanced giving me the confidence and skill set to thrive in the next project I will work on.