Michael: My Technology Sales story so far.

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By: Michael Lynch

After graduating in 2012 with a degree in Communications, Advertising and Marketing I had a big decision to make regarding my first career move. Being a local guy from Newry I knew of First Derivatives and the numerous success stories, so I began researching roles that would fit my educational background. I found openings for the Business Development/Technology Sales role which seemed a perfect fit for those with marketing & sales orientated degrees and after a few interviews I was subsequently hired in early 2013.

LondonThe role itself is challenging yet very rewarding. From day one I had direct exposure, support and mentorship from senior FD management.  I had world class training, giving me the opportunity to learn about our numerous services – from financial consulting to our market leading Kx software. With this knowledge I had the responsibility for finding new opportunities, building on existing relationships, managing my own pipeline but also to build brand awareness and gather market intelligence. My day to day tasks would put me in touch with major corporations across the financial and non-financial industries – Morgan Stanley, NASA and Red Bull Formula One Racing to name just a few.

I quickly became passionate about finding the new big deal for First Derivatives. Since I started my FD journey the team has grown from 5 people to over 30 with further expansion planned #alwayshiring. This is testament to the success of the team over the years breaking into new clients, markets and regions.

First Derivatives has given me the chance to progress in my career. As I gained more experience I took on greater responsibility. I travelled to Singapore for a number of weeks to assist with growing the FD presence and pipeline in Asia. Meeting potential clients on top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel was a particular stand out! I then evolved into a team lead position in which I helped manage the consultancy Business Development team in Newry. I provided mentorship and training around FD offerings and best practice, as well as becoming involved in recruitment events and interviews. Within this role I also made several trips to our London office to participate in global sales meetings to discuss strategy and outlook with senior management.

SingaporeRecently I took up a managerial position and have the exciting opportunity of driving consulting business in Dublin, working alongside our Country Head for Ireland. I was given the responsibility to promote our junior and regulatory practices across Irish market and to drive opportunities through the whole sales lifecycle, particularly in the wake of Brexit. An interesting, if not controversial topic to say the least! When I look back at my relatively brief FD career thus far, I could not have envisaged the numerous opportunities that would await me. Over the past 5+ years , FD has offered me rapid career progression, global travel and the opportunity to work closely with large corporations – all from our HQ in Newry. I’m looking forward to what the next 5 years have in store.