My FD journey so far…

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By: Jennifer McErlean

When I first applied with FD, I wasn’t sure where my path would lead me. One year on since joining the Global Graduate Recruitment team, I have had the opportunity to work with Senior members of staff, traveled throughout Europe (all expenses paid) and have made some great FD friends.

I had recently graduated from a BSc Business Management degree from QUB and was uncertain on what my future career would hold.  Luckily for me a unique opportunity arose to start with FD in the recruitment team. As I had limited Capital Markets Industry and Kx knowledge, it was very daunting to join a FinTech company such as FD. Thankfully, from my first day I was made to feel welcome from not only my team, but all the FD Family and the support has been second to none since then.

As a Graduate Recruitment Executive my role has multiple elements, from Recruitment, to HR and Marketing. My day-to-day tasks vary from undertaking telephone interview in the morning to discussing our social media marketing strategy in the afternoon. This has allowed me to have a diverse experience so far in FD and has also developed my skills I had established at university.


For me one of the best elements of the role is the prospect of travel. Our recruitment team is based in HQ in Newry, Northern Ireland. This allows us to travel to recruitment events in UK, Ireland and Europe. Since I have joined I have travelled to Barcelona, Dublin, Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh to name just a few. I had never been to any of these cities before FD and the best part is getting to experience it with all expenses paid!

An important aspect of my career choice was that I wanted to stay in Northern Ireland. Luckily with my role it allows me to travel short term but to keep my base local to home.

The on-the-job training was fantastic, and I soon became familiar with the FinTech terms which I was so nervous about now use daily. One of my biggest achievements is that our team helped to recruit over 450 graduates in 2017, which was one of FD’s largest graduate intakes to date.

It’s great to be able to work for such a social company, just a few weeks ago we hosted our Summer Social BBQ in Narrow Water Castle and there’s the infamous ’12 pubs’ of Christmas (although I think we only made it to 5 lol). Life at FD is fast-paced and exciting. I can’t wait to see where my future will take me in such a growing company!