How to nail your First Derivatives interview – 5 easy tips!

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By: Jennifer McErlean

By: Jennifer McErlean


Welcome to the First Derivatives’ advice centre, we created this to help you through our recruitment process! As a graduate recruiter at First Derivatives, I am going to give you inside tips on how to get hired by FD – How kind of us, right?

As obvious as some of these may seem, it is amazing how many candidates skip over these important elements! If you’ve decided to apply to First Derivatives, these are my top tips so use them wisely.

  1. Cross check your CV! Get your contact details right – This shouldn’t be too tricky, but people do get it wrong and if we can’t contact you, then we can’t process your application further. It is also worth being mindful of your email address – does it read professionally? Also ensure you get someone else to cross check your CV for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors! These are simple first steps to get your first step in the door. Would you believe some people actually forget to put their name on their CV!
  2. Know your CV – Pretend as if the recruiter doesn’t have your CV and tell us every reason why we should employ you. Make sure the skills you’re telling them are relevant to the industry and how these make you stand out from the competition. Remember that the recruiter speaks with so many candidates each week, what makes you stand out?
  3. Be yourself – Try to relax, remember you have got this far so we like something about you. So smile and show us how you could make a great consultant.
  4. Do your research – We tell candidates to research the company prior to the interview – so please do this. Understand the company in your own way, please don’t reiterate the website back to us. We do multiple interviews a day, so can tell.
  5. Why do you want to work at FD – Please give thought to the job role of your selected stream. We are looking for more than academics, interest in the training and willingness to travel; we want you to have a clear understanding of the role, what it will entail and what you could bring to it.