Roisin – My FinTech career so far

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By: Roisin

In August 2016, having just completed a Master’s in Business Management from Trinity College Dublin, and a final interview with a member of the Kx sales team in Dublin, my First Derivatives journey began.  When I first started, I joined the Global Marketing team, where I spent five months learning about all things First Derivatives and Kx. This was an extremely interesting and informative entry into corporate life.

During my time in Newry I was exposed to valuable learning opportunities. I appreciated the responsibility of reporting to senior management on a daily basis, knowing that my peers from college weren’t afforded this same opportunity.  After five months, I requested to join the Options Graduate Programme as I wanted to gain experience within consultancy. With the support of my manager, I managed to transition smoothly into a new role.

The first four weeks of intense training in Basic Financial Concepts were difficult but extremely beneficial. I joined the January intake which consisted of 24 people from across the globe.  After our period of training, I was offered the opportunity to be deployed on client site in Krakow.  Had I been told a month prior I would be moving to Poland – I probably would have laughed.  One of the best things of working with FD is you never know where you will be sent next! Having an appetite for travel and being open to the possibility to work anywhere will serve you well.

February came around quickly and I was soon off to Krakow with 25 other FD employees to work on a KYC remediation project. Many of us didn’t know each other beforehand but within a week or two we had forged lasting friendships. I was extremely fortunate that my first project was with such a supportive group of people. Being on site for the first time, it was assuring to know I was surrounded by those with more experience who were on hand no matter what questions I had. During my time in Poland I was also able to take advantage of our central European location to travel most weekends and experiment with Polish cuisine.

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After a 5-month stint in Krakow, our project came to a close and I received notice that I would be heading to Dublin to work on an AML project for an Asset Management firm. Living in Dublin on the FD expenses package is an entirely different experience to living in Dublin as a college student!

Roisin 1Last year, in January 2018 I landed my dream location and off to New York I went. What was initially a daunting experience in a new city soon turned out to be my greatest move to date, both professional and personally. I am currently working on an interesting transition project between front office and operations and learning so much every single day. I have found my feet, made a great group of friends and am enjoying everything New York has to offer.

I am extremely fortunate for the opportunities FD have afforded me, the roles I have been placed in, the ability to travel and mostly for the people I have met during my time with the company.