Sergi Ortuno Acedo – Options Success

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By: Elizabeth Toner

Sergi-Ortuno-AcedoWe are delighted to communicate to you all that Sergi Ortuno Acedo has graduated from the Options Programme. Sergi has successfully completed all the required CMTP modules as well as receiving excellent client and business feedback.

Sergi joined FD in July 2014 after completing a MSc degree in Economics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. After spending 2 months training in Newry he was sent to Belfast to become part of the Ulster Bank / RCRI Data Enablement Team. Sergi has been involved in different projects with the main goal of deleveraging the UB balance sheet through different portfolio sales. During his time in Dublin Sergi has obtained 2 of the 4 PRMIA certifications and he is looking forward to learning more in this area in the near future with the company. He is currently living in Dublin enjoying the fabulous Irish weather and the extra cold Guinness.

Congratulations to Sergi on his success.