¡Viva España!

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By: Olivia Black

After 6 weeks of back to back campus visits to universities across UK and Ireland, final stop was the delightful Sunny Spain. Targeting quality European graduates was top of our agenda as we travelled from Barcelona to Madrid to meet with students from some of Spain’s most reputable universities.

Wakening to a 4am alarm clock, we set off in the small hours of Tuesday morning weighed down with FD flyers and promo materials. We were welcomed to Barcelona with blinding sunshine-a pleasant change from the dreary Irish weather we left behind in Dublin!

Our first stop was UPC. We arrived in good enough time to grab a traditional Catalan breakfast on a ‘terraza’ in the main streets of Barcelona. Needless to say we struggled slightly to locate the building (thank goodness for google maps). We received a very warm welcome from the Career’s team, who were happy to introduce us to some of their highest achieving Bachelor’s and Master’s students in Business, Finance and Computer Science. We presented students with our Capital Market’s Training Programme and newly established Explorers programme. This was followed by lots of good questions from keen students, just what we like to see!

After a long, but successful day of presentations and on-campus interviews at UPC, we left the university very satisfied with our first event in Barcelona. That evening, we were lucky enough to coincide timings with the FD sales team who were town for a KX event. They had kindly invited us to a night of fine-dining at one of Barcelona’s most highly rated tapas bars. A great introduction to a beautiful city and an even better way to end the day…even if we did end up getting home slightly later than planned!


Our next stop was UPF. When we arrived at the university, the Annual Graduate Recruitment fair had just opened its doors and the campus was buzzing. Our speed-networking event proved to be a success and a great chance to spread the FD brand awareness far and wide amongst new students. After a long day on campus, we bid farewell to Barcelona-for now.


Our final stop took us across the Iberian Peninsula to one of my favourite cities-Madrid. Leanne and I were revitalized as we had to bolt through Barcelona airport to catch our flight after a tiring day on campus. Our airport meal wasn’t quite as impressive as the glorious food we had treated ourselves to the night before however!

When we touched down in Madrid that evening, we were keen to explore. Despite intentions being great, unfortunately the two days of travelling had caught up on us and we made a bee-line for our hotel rooms to catch up on some sleep!

Our Spanish recruitment trip drew to a close after our visit to Carlos III. I was delighted to be back on campus at the university I had studied at myself. Again, we received a very warm welcome from both the careers team and students. We had a successful presentation and lots of on campus interviews from quality graduates. We hope to welcome some of these students to FD HQ in Newry next year as part of our 2017 intake group. Let’s hope they love our home soil as much as we love theirs!

Of course, we couldn’t leave Madrid behind without a visit to the famous Gran Via strip and a ‘copa de vino’. Before our flight back we made the most of the Spanish cuisine, and last moments of glorious Spanish sunshine. We trailed our heels on the way to the airport back…safe to say we didn’t want to leave.

Overall a fantastic success for FD Graduate recruitment in Sunny Spain!


Hasta la próxima España …