Why did you choose a career in Capital Markets with FD?

After leaving school in 1986 I worked for Barclays in 54 Lombard Street (Now a M&S), starting at bottom and working my way through the ranks and departments ending up working for BZW on the Trading Floor at Royal Mint Court, whilst there I took an interest in the IT department and its whilst sitting there on a quiet afternoon i requested and was granted a transfer to work for a Murex implementation in Tokyo in 1992, from that moment I’ve never really looked back and for the next 10years I worked on many different IT Projects within the bank but always with Murex being the pivotal platform.
In 2002 I left Barclays and joined the Murex Practise at City Practitioners, over the last 12 years I’ve worked on many Murex projects globally, none being the same but putting the now 30years experience into practise I’ve always managed to deliver a solution that meets the client’s needs, in 2012 Cowrie Financial was acquired by FD and for me the biggest advantage of joining FD was being able to work with the pool of highly eager and well educated graduates who are now taking the reins and working on global Murex projects. Murex as a platform is always changing and a day never goes past where I wouldn’t be able to learn something new.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Two different, but closely aligned answers to this :-

  1. Delivering both strategic and tactical solutions to meet project needs.
  2. Managing and advising the careers of colleagues

What does your current working day look like?

I am currently working with a team of 30+ Consultants on a transformation project for a Global Investment Bank based in London.

  • Working using an “Agile Like” methodology delivering fortnightly sprints within the overall scope of the transformation programme
  • Providing Production Support and BAU change to the current Live Platform
  • IT Solution Architect for new bank wide initiatives