Why did you choose a career in Calypso Consulting with FD?

I joined FD’s Calypso practice looking for a professional experience abroad, a career opportunity with prospects and a company with plenty of potential. I have been part of the Calypso team since joining the company, completing both the FD Capital Market Training Programme and the FD Calypso in-depth training. The first provided me a solid base on a variety of products and knowledge on contents I wouldn’t have otherwise gathered given my background, Major in Economics and Major in Business Administration. The second one provided me with the foundations to develop my professional career in Calypso. But most importantly, I was deeply influenced by the know-how and the FD mentality, especially within the Calypso practice. Soon I would be involved on different and challenging projects, becoming part of a very talented team.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Being able to be part of long term projects gives the opportunity to get the big picture, and not only short term results. The fact that every day new questions will arise looking for new answers also ensures permanent learning, so as being involved in many different scenarios. This permanent challenge is backed with FD’s support and domain knowledge, and it’s the perfect combination for career success as well as personal realization. Being part of a team with different backgrounds also provides great synergies, providing tools and experience for further challenges.

We are providing a client oriented service, so being able to successfully provide it and, most importantly, earn recognition from the client is also a very satisfying feeling as a team, as well as the realization of having delivered on schedule and with the highest standards. At the same time interaction with the clients also provide a great learning curve for the whole team, which is key for our new members.

Finally, and being one of the key factors on the FD culture, the satisfaction of collaborating with colleagues towards a collective success is a great reward, being at project level, at practice level or at knowledge transfer level.

What does your current working day look like?

I am currently a near shore QA manager on a US based project. We conduct internal meetings twice a week and have weekly touchpoints with the client EOW. During the meetings we discuss priorities for the day and review timelines. Once tasks have been assigned, the rest of the working day involves executing the tasks, doing follow up with consultants and developers on site and managing all the current issues. There is an ongoing resource planning component associated with the workload forecast, which leads to constant planification on new additions to the team.

As part of our solution we provided the client with a customized implementation of our Automated Regression tools, meaning that enhancement & support is a part of the day to day.