Why did you choose a career in Capital Markets Consulting with FD?

While working at Morgan Stanley I had the opportunity to work on several exciting technology based transformation projects, I worked very closely with Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Application Developers. I enjoyed the challenges that each project presented and working on the “Change the Bank” initiatives. I felt that I was making an impact to the organization on a daily basis and providing my firm with added value. I was working with several consultants from First Derivatives at the time who seemed really excited about the work they were doing and the Organization they were working for. I went on an informational interview to find out more about the culture and the opportunities that First Derivatives was working on. After meeting the management and a handful of consultants I knew that this was a great opportunity to expand my career in Project Management.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

First derivatives has afforded me the opportunity to work on many exciting projects. Having the ability to come into a client, understand the business need and implement a strategic solution is always an exciting opportunity. The aspect that I most enjoy is meeting and exceeding the clients expectations. Delivering a strong project plan and executing against the deliverables in a tight timeframes.

What does your current working day look like?

I am currently managing a team of six bank employee’s engaged on a major Transformation Project for a Hedge Fund. The day begins with a review of the milestones that I have setup for delivery for the week, a start of day call with the development and testing team before 9 am to ensure the daily deliverables are obtainable with no risk, issues, or blockers. Later in the morning I attend a PMO call to discuss progress of my stream and get a holistic view of each project managers RAG status and if any issues they face could impact my stream. At noon I have a defect management call with the testing team and developers, to go over any issues form the previous day and ensure that all issues are assigned and have projected completion dates. My focus then turns to the BA’s in my stream and work with them to help cut through any issues or questions that they have. Towards the end of the day I have a call with the client to discuss any open issues and set expectation for when any open items will be resolved. This is also the time any new issues are raised and documented. I finish out the day prepping for the next 24 hours and looking at my higher level milestones to ensure that I am still inline with expected completion dates.