Why did you choose a career in Capital Markets Consulting with FD?

During my early career I was involved in Murex implementations at two leading financial institutions in London. External consultants were used on both of these projects and due to the nature of my role I had plenty of interaction with these consultants. These were well trained, hard working individuals that were always a pleasure to work with. At the end of the second project I was approached by a consulting company based in New York and it was at a time when Murex were making significant strides in North America. Within six weeks my wife, our 18 month old daughter & I had moved to New York. Since my move here I have worked on a variety of different projects which include greenfield implementations, upgrades, regulatory reporting and general support roles. I have worked on projects while being based in major cities such as Washington DC, New York and Toronto. The sheer variety of work has made consulting very appealing to me. During the nine years since moving to NY (and whilst working for the same consultancy firm), First Derivatives were making significant strides in the consulting arena. I have always been aware of their market presence and once we started talking it wasn’t too long before I was on board. My first three months with First Derivatives were spent at a large financial institution helping them prepare for a Murex implementation. This is just one of a number of Murex opportunities that FD have in the pipeline. First Derivatives have been going from strength to strength proving they are market leaders during difficult economic times. We now have an opportunity to really grow the Murex practice in North America and that is something I’m excited to being a part of.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Whenever I’m asked this question, my first answer is that it’s like getting a new job each time you walk into a new project. I enjoy meeting new people, working in different environments plus the opportunity to discover and learn new skills. Having worked for FD for only five months I have already worked at two client sites and attended a number of sales meetings. That exposure is something I really appreciate and relish. FD have placed a great deal of faith in me by putting me in these positions and it’s up to me to perform.

What does your current working day look like?

Currently I’m assisting our Murex reporting team in Newry to deliver a suite of reconfigured SQL reports, which are to replace a legacy reporting technology at one of the large clearing houses. My first task is to meet with the Newry team. The objective of this meeting is to understand what progress has been made and if there are any impediments faced by the team. We will map out the plan for the rest of that day and the coming week. We then hold a meeting with the client and review the reports that have been delivered, track any issues and agree the plan for the up coming days. I will then perform a final QA role on any deliveries that are to be made to the client that day and conclude my day at the client by providing management with a summary of what has been delivered and what to expect on the next business day. In addition my FD responsibilities include attending sales meetings at client sites, interviewing potential new recruits and compiling materials for our graduate training program.