Why did you choose a career in Financial Services Consulting with FD?

I accepted a position on the Options Programme at First Derivatives (FD) after graduating with a BA in Business and Economics from Trinity College Dublin. Although I had offers from the Big Four I decided that the opportunities offered at FD were much more exciting than anything at a larger firm. I haven’t regretted my decision for a second. FD has offered me a fantastic platform to begin my career as a Capital Markets Consultant. My learning experience over the past few years has been both academic and applied. Everyday I am continuing to grow and flourish my career in the direction that I have chosen myself. Proactivity is something FD respond well to and if you feel you can add value in other ways across the business you can help write the script for a firm that is growing exponentially.

I was parachuted to London for my first client role after a short stint at HQ in Newry. Being a PMO on a large IT transformational project gave me a flavor for how a big programme with many different parts, resources, tasks and deliverables fits together and moves in tandem with business as usual in a large bank. After 6 months I was then posted to a new client project that was even more fast-paced. I was involved in the disposal of a huge portfolio of granular commercial loans for a Global Investment bank. This project gave me a great insight into the detail and effort that is expected to ensure a deal is correctly executed and completed in a dynamic market. I improved many skills in this role however having exposure to a vast network of stakeholders was the thing that I valued most. Two years past very quickly and FD supported me through my PRMIA qualification exams and other internal exams while onsite to ensure I graduated from the options. Looking ahead I look forward to exploring many more onsite client opportunities, helping contribute to the organic growth model of the firm and building FDs success story.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I recently moved client roles after spending a couple of weeks between projects at the FD London office working with the business development and resourcing team. The transition to my new onsite role has been hugely refreshing and proactively getting involved with the internal business development team while on the bench has ensured I have been entrusted with a cross functional role while onsite. I was very excited to move onto the next challenge after 2 years on my previous onsite project and it has not disappointed to date.

What does your current working day look like?

I am currently working on a Regulatory and External Stakeholders team in a Global Investment Bank in London. My days are massively varied being part of a programme that is currently going through a re-plan. Every task I’ve been assigned to date has involved a critical thought process. It is much more strategy driven than any other project I’ve worked on. I’ve been involved in building our team plan for delivery of the programme and exploring all contingency options available. We are responsible for delivering and explaining this plan to the regulator and ensuring we have taken onboard all requirements necessary to keep them satisfied.