Why did you choose a career in Consulting with FD?

First Derivatives offers candidates a large catalog of attractive features. Two of these are very hard to come by and caught my eye instantly, the ability to travel and exposure to high quality work experience. Within a couple months of joining the company, the opportunities didn’t disappoint. I started a project in New York City working in one of the largest banking entities in the world, Citigroup, and I haven’t looked back since.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Meeting people and learning something new. I love learning new things and figuring out how everything gels together. That is the fun thing about consulting; you are placed into a project where there is a steep learning curve, and you quickly need to understand how the Business operates. Living and working in NYC has also exposed me to the diverse cultures that exist in the world today. I enjoy getting introduced to different insights and perspectives, and I find that they have helped me grow personally over the past few years.

What does your current working day look like?

By nature I’m a morning person, so I try to get to work before 8am. My average day consists of anywhere between 5-10 meetings, either in person or on a conference call. The majority of my work incorporates both project and program management with a significant amount of time spent on problem solving. I’m currently involved in the Volcker Rule Requirements which has been a huge undertaking for most Banking Entities on the Street. The project is both diverse, fast paced, and there is rarely a dull moment. To say I have enjoyed the experience would be a huge understatement.